Key Government Web Sites

  •     Federal Government
  •     Major Newspaper Political Pages
  •     Party Committees
  •     Pollsters and Political Consultants

Federal Government

National Association of
Secretaries of State
The White House
White House briefing room site
Official Senate site
Official House of
Representatives site
Library of Congress
Legislative Information
Library of Congress Internet
Resource Page to the
Legislative Branch?

Party Committees

Democratic Congressional
Campaign Committee
National Republican
Campaign Committee
Democratic Senatorial
Campaign Committee
National Republican
Senatorial Committee
Democratic Governors Association
Republican Governors Association
National Governors Association

Major Newspaper Political Pages

LA Times political articles
Wall Street Journal political page
Washington Post political page

Pollsters and Political Consultants

The Cook Political Report
Gallup organization polling
Conglomeration of national/federal/state polls
Public Opinion Strategies. Republican pollster
John Zogby's firm
John McLaughlin. Republican pollster
American Viewpoint.
Linda Divall's Republican polling firm.
Wirthlin Worldwide. Republican Consultants.
The Tarrance Group. Republican pollster